October 1, 2023

Y M L P-222

Did Somebody Say Business?

Increasing use of reviews by businesses

How to use online reviews to drive digital and real-world business

If you want to start a business or you are already running a business, chances are that you must have heard about reviews. You might be wondering what they are, how they work and why you need to have them. This article will provide the answers to the questions to guide you to get reviews for your website.

What are the reviews?
Reviews are often feedback left by customers or other people that have patronized a particular company detailing how their business transaction or other engagements with the company went. This implies that reviews can also be given by the staff. There are many ways reviews can be given or gotten. For instance, an individual who wants to patronize a particular store can look for someone else who has also patronized that store to ask of their experience. However, the easiest and best way through which reviews are given or gotten today is online.

How do reviews work?
Many people who want to buy something are often scared of getting a poor quality product. They do not want to make the mistake of paying too much for a product or paying and not getting the product. With the increasing popularity of e-Commerce, it means they now have to buy products without patronizing a local store or leaving with the product they are paying for immediately. They would have to wait a few days for the product to be delivered. Hence, the best way for them to get information that will provide them with some assurance that they are patronizing the right company and they do not have anything to worry about is by reading reviews about the company that they want to patronize. For this reason, companies that have their reviews online will be found by such customers. After reading the company reviews, if it is encouraging the customer will go ahead to patronize the online store. If it is not, the customer will look for others with convincing reviews. This is why every business needs to have an online review page. It is possible to apply for a review page if you have not started collected reviews for your company on the platform.

Importance of collecting reviews for your business
Collecting reviews for your business has a lot of importance. It makes it easier for customers to trust you when you have many positive reviews. They can be sure, based on the testimony of your other customers that if they patronize you, they are likely not to have any problems. Hence, you will be able to make more sales and attract new customers. By collecting reviews and following them up by reading every single review left for you, some customers will drop tips that you can implement to make your business better or things they were not comfortable with. Hence, you would be able to get some information that would contribute positively to the quality of the products and services that you provide. You will subsequently be able to have happier customers that will lead to more reviews, more referrals, more customers, more sales and more profit.