September 27, 2023

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Do You Wear Your Wedding Band On Top Or Bottom?

Does the Wedding Band Go on First?

The most important rings in a couple’s life are the engagement ring and their wedding ring. Engagement rings represent the desire of a man to marry his woman and be willing to spend his life with her until death. On the other hand, a wedding band ring is a symbol of two souls becoming one and spending their life together as husband and wife. After the wedding wearing both rings can be possible or other options can also be done. Wedding ring upgrade etiquette can also be considered . So do you wear your wedding band on top or bottom?

Tips On How To Wear Your Engagement And Wedding Ring

There are traditional ways that can be followed on how to wear engagement ring and wedding here are some:

Wedding Rings on the Left Hand, Engagement Rings on the Right Hand

The common way to wear a wedding ring is on the right hand on the ring finger, so what happens to the engagement ring worn on that finger before the wedding? Engagement rings are also important even after the wedding, so they are transferred to the right ring finger. Wearing rings on both hands if the designs match is a perfect choice, in wedding engagement band ring sets for instance. Wearing them on one finger can show that their designs are intently done to match together.  

Wedding Ring First, Engagement Ring on Top

A woman can also opt to wear both her engagement ring and wedding ring on the left hand. Wedding ring comes first, before the engagement ring. Which makes the engagement ring on the top. In this arrangement it is said that the wedding ring is closest to the heart since it is near the vein of the finger. 

Engagement Ring First, Wedding Ring on Top

Some may prefer the other way around: they put the engagement first and the wedding ring on top. Some may have reasons for doing this, but some may just think it is better to look at when worn this way. 

Engagement Ring One On Finger, Wedding Ring on the Other

This can be a good way to showcase each ring’s beauty. Wearing it separately can make each ring stand out, and it can be more comfortable this way, it’s like balancing the number of rings on each hand. The wedding ring stays on the left hand and the engagement ring on the right hand. This setup is ideal for engagement rings and wedding rings that may contrast designs. Since wearing them together may not look good, wearing them separately will be perfect. 

Wear Engagement Ring in Special Occasions Only 

We know how expensive engagement rings are, so some prefer to keep them safe after the wedding to protect them from getting damaged or getting lost. However, some women prefer to use them on special occasions since they are indeed special jewelry and match luxurious events. This way the value is still being kept as well as the symbol. 

Wearing Ring Alternately 

Some women opt to wear wedding ring and engagement ring alternately in this way the exposure of both can still be done. Some may find the pleasure in wearing the rings alternately and still get to express the symbol of each when worn. 

Wear Rings on Any Finger 

Some people who are not traditional by nature wear their engagement rings in any finger and hand they want. The placing does not matter as long as they know what each ring symbolizes. The important thing is you can keep your ring safe and keep it away from damages or from getting lost. 

So how about you? Do you wear your wedding band on top or bottom? Well as mentioned the wearing of the ring will not actually matter as long as the meaning is kept in a relationship. Engagement ring should still remind you how your partner values you and made the big decision to ask for your hand in marriage. As for your wedding ring, it will always remind you how wonderful your wedding day was, since that was the day you made a vow to live with your husband and endure whatever hardship and happiness that comes between you and him.