Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning Cost

Owning  a solar panel system requires some maintenance and cleaning, this way your solar panel can last longer and can avoid getting damages. And besides you have invested in it so it is just right for you to take care of it to preserve your money’s worth.  Commercial solar panel cleaning cost may mandate you to add some expenses but it will benefit you in return. 

Do Commercial Solar Panels Need To Be Cleaned?

Solar panels, whether commercial or residential, need an annual cleaning schedule to maintain its condition. That’s why most solar providers give warranties and include cleaning solar panels on a yearly basis. This is done to check the condition of the solar panel as well as clean elements that lodge on the solar   or its structure. Solar panels are usually   on the roof and are exposed to any elements that can land on it. In a year’s time there is accumulated dust, dried leaves or other components so cleaning it will be a must. 

How Much Do Solar Panel Cleaners Make?

Average earnings per cleaning of solar panels is at $200  for homeowners, while commercial solar companies usually charge by panel ranging from $22 to $28. May Be costly for business owners but the benefit they can get will pay off the money they spend for cleaning. Solar panels need to get energy from the sun, if there are blockages or damages it can not perform well. Having it cleaned regularly can make it sure that the solar panels can work 100% and collect the energy needed to support the needs of your building or commercial structure. 

How Often Are Commercial Solar Panels Cleaned?

Most solar panels are cleaned annually however it can be more often than that depending on the exposure of the solar panel. Commercial solar panels are more exposed to elements since they are located in the center of the city where pollution is higher and elements are higher. Every 6 months will be ideal to keep commercial solar panels in good condition. 

How Do You Clean Commercial Solar Panels?

Cleaning the ones should be done by the experts since they are more familiar on the procedure and the 

with commercial solar panel cleaning equipment. Here are some tips on how to commercial solar panels are cleaned:

  • PV Systems Should be Turned Off 

For security purposes DC switches are turned off to make sure that it is safe to touch the panels with wet equipment. Solar providers follow protocols before starting to clean solar panels. They make sure every connection is turned off to avoid accidents and damages in the solar panel system. 

  • Soft Sponge and Brush are to be Used 

Solar providers use special kinds of brush to clean your solar panels. Solar panels may look hard, but they are sensitive when it comes to getting scratched, that’s why soft sponges and brushes are recommended to be used. 

  • Use the Right Water 

Solar panels should not be cleaned with water that has high mineral content. Another thing to consider is the pressure being used in spraying waters on the solar panels, it should be below 40bar. Solar panel providers usually use their own water to make sure the solar panels are safe. Using=g same temperature of water is also relevant when watching solar panels. 

  • Avoid Abrasive Materials 

DIYs are discouraged when cleaning commercial solar panels because there are lots or restrictions and precautions to follow. Such as avoiding using abrasive materials when cleaning panels to avoid damaging it. Solar providers know the necessary procedure so let them do the job. Maintaining commercial solar panel may cost you extra money but it will be worth it once you can utilize it without hassle by having it cleaned regularly 

Owners may pay commercial solar panel cleaning costs, but they can get good results in return such as prolonging the life of their solar panel system, so they can still use it for a longer time. Which means more savings on electricity bills. Electricity bills in commercial buildings can really be skyrocketing but with solar panels it can make it way far cheaper, so make that maintenance regular to preserve the condition of your solar panels system, you can contact Jackson Commercial Solar Panel Company they know best and you can depend on them.